Release Date : April 22, 2022
Genres :
Director : Gowtam Tinnanuri
Stars : Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Kapur
Writters : Wajid Shaikh, Siddharth Singh, Gowtam Tinnanuri
Durations : 2h 50min
Plot: A cricketer who quits cricket decides to revive his career at the age of 36 for his sons dream and prove his ability.

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Fans are going crazy over the newly launched book Jersey where copies are getting sold within no time the book details the story of former domestic cricketer Arjun Talwar.During the late 70s till mid 80s between 1979 to 1986 Arjun Talwar was one of the greatest batsman in domestic cricket with a wish to play for team India.

In 1995 Arjun Talwar is a forgotten person who lives a middle class life with his wife Vidya and son Kittu he has left cricket longtime back and currently faces suspension from job where he is accused of bribe.

Arjun promises original Jersey of Indian Cricket team to Kittu on his birthday but cant afford it being jobless while Vidya tries run the house with steady income.Arjun gets an offer of assistant coach from his coach Baali sir which he rejects but Baali convinces him to play for a charity match against New Zealand which he accepts hoping to get Jersey for Kittu from the match fees.

Arjun shows his batting skills even after 10 years but looses the match by 2 runs and also finds that being charity match he wont be paid.The same day being Kittu's birthday Arjun cant arrange for money and gets pissed on Baali while Vidya to accuses him for loosing his confidence in cricket at early age and currently at job.

Arjun returns to Baali saying he wants to get back to cricket but not as a coach but as a player where Baali makes him realize that considering his age of 36 and his fitness its impossible for him to comeback as a player and play for India.Arjun does not loose hope and tries to make a comeback as player at an age where cricketers retire.

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