Jayeshbhai Jordaar
Release Date : May 13, 2022
Genres :
Director : Divyang Thakkar
Stars : Ranveer Singh, Shalini Pandey, Boman Irani
Writters : Anckur Chaudhry, Divyang Thakkar
Durations : 2h 1min
Plot: A timid Jayesh must defy his patriarchal family as he flees with his wife to save their unborn daughter from foeticide.

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Jayesh lives with his pregnant wife Mudra and daughter Siddhi after birth of Siddhi Mudra has had several abortions as she did not bear a male child.

Sarpanch Pruthvish Patel father of Jayesh and his wife Jashoda Patel still live with their old thinking that a male child will carry their legacy forward while rest of the villagers believe it as a command and support abortions of female child.Jayesh finds from the doctor that due to several abortions Mudra wont be able to bear a child after her current pregnancy.

He finds through Sonography Mudra is going to give birth to female child and decides to save her.Jayesh and Mudra plan accordingly and elope from their house but Sarpanch is always one step ahead.Finally they decide to travel to village of Amar Tau who is against abortions and supports female births as his village has no surviving females.

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