Jalsa Storyline

Jalsa is a 2022 Bollywood drama movie, directed by Suresh Triveni. The movie stars Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah in the lead roles. Jalsa is a crime thriller that revolves around a journalist and a mother who has some great secrets to hide. The captivating tale is about how a journalist tries to chase a story. The story unfolds over a night when a journalist and her cook are caught in a tale of conflict.

The journalist tried to dig deep into a story, however, there are those who are trying to cover up the story. Jalsa is a gripping and entertaining film that has several ups and downs and takes you through the lives of the main characters involved.

The movie shows a detailed narrative of the complex human psyche and shows emotional triggers due to an incident that changes the lives of all the people involved.  

Suresh Triveni has earlier collaborated with Vidya Balan for the critically acclaimed Tumhari Sulu, and the duo is now coming together for the second feature. It also marks the third collaboration between Prime Video and Vidya Balan.

Maya (Vidya Balan) and Rukshana (Shefali Shah), a world with chaos around them, secrets and lies, truths and deceit and a life-altering incident that ruffles the world around them. What follows is a duel of redemption and retribution.

Backed with a riveting narrative, Jalsa thrives on stupendous performances and engaging storytelling that promise to leave you awed and spellbound.