Fera Feri Hera Feri

Release Date : April 13, 2018

Genres :

Director : Girish Mohite

Stars : Karan Bhanushali, Rajdev Brahmbhatt, Kuldeep Gor

Writters : Jitendra Parmar

Durations : 2h 20min

Plot: Mr. Hasmukhlaal has 2 wives and neither of them know about the other. He fakes his death for one family and stays with the other. Story gets complicated when his step children come in touch with each other and decide to meet.

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Fera Feri Hera Feri Storyline

Hasmukhlaal, who has two wives at the same time, has smartly managed to keep both of them unaware about the other marriage.

On top of that, he orchestrates his own death for one family and stays with the other. For a long time, it’s all fine; until his son from the first marriage and his daughter from the second marriage happen to get in touch with each other and plan to meet.

And thus starts a roller-coaster ride of confusions and cover-ups. Shot in just 27 days, with one month of editing, this movie has certainly created a record! In spite of this rapid-paced work, the movie continuity and editing are in right order– full marks for that! While the movie is well-directed by Girish Mohite and well-written by Jitendra Parmar, it gives us a strong sense of déjà vu.

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