Chandramukhi marathi movie
Release Date : April 29, 2022
Genres :
Director : Narendra Jagte, Prasad Oak
Stars : Amruta Khanvilkar, Addinath Kothare, Shivali Parab
Writters : Chinmay Mandlekar
Durations : 2h 44min
Plot: a political background based musical love story set in 80's. Vishwas Patil's Chandramukhi is an excellent novel that weaves together the worlds of Politics and Tamasha.

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Chandramukhi Storyline

Daulatro Deshmane is sure to be the next candidate for industrial minister after the death of current minister before things come in place he decides to go for a pilgrimage with his wife Dolly and father in law Dadasaheb.While on pilgrimage front pages of newspaper flash Daulatrao's photo with a women exposing him of having an extra marital relationship.

The story goes few months back where Daulatrao's brother in law Nana took him to a brothel where he met a Lavani dancer Chandramukhi and got fascinated by her beauty.Daulatrao couldn't get over her beauty and started to have frequent meetings with her by lying to Dolly on the other end Chandramukhi to fell in love with him.

Dolly starts to suspect her husband and asks him to stop before it gets worse.Nana and his wife find about Daulatrao and Chandramukhi and expose him as Nana wants to finish Daulatrao's political career,After finding the truth Dolly asks Chandramukhi to go out of his life but Daulatrao is unable to forget her.

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