Bairagee A Hulivesha artist, Huli Shiva, who works in a police station doing odd jobs, is often advised to control his anger. When he moves to a new town, he witnesses an unfortunate incident which awakens a ferocious temper within him. Will he find justice?

Shiva grows up to be a strong tempered person and his grandfather often advises him to control his anger. After his grandfather passed away, Shiva moves to a new town where something triggers his temper. What will he do?


Serving as a remake of the 2017 Tamil film Kadugu, Bairagee is a Kannada action-drama film directed by Vijay Milton. The film tells the story of Shiva, a Hulivesha artist who was taught to control his temper by his grandfather. The plot thickens once Shiva finds his temper triggered as he witnesses an unfortunate incident after moving to a new city following his grandfather’s death. Shiva Rajkumar stars in the lead, alongside performances from Dhananjay, Pruthvi Ambaar, Anjali, and Yasha Shivakumar.