Bachchhan Paandey

Bachchan Pandey Storyline

Bachchan Pandey is an action-comedy film that shows a gangster who aspires to be an actor. It shows a budding director that is trying to research a merciless gangster for making a movie that is full of gangsterism. However, his secret attempts to follow the gangster result in hilarious scenes. He is caught for snooping and the gangster Bachchan Pandey catches him.

The poster of the movie shows Bachchan Pandey in an unbuttoned shirt and a cloth tied around his head. He is seen carrying a bag that has a gun and other weapons in it. The movie has comedy, action and drama, which will keep audiences hooked. It is a full package and will keep audiences engaged.  

About Bachchhan Paandey Movie (2022)

Bachchan Pandey is an action comedy loosely based on the Tamil film Veeram (2014), in which an honest man retorted to violence to take down his father-in-law’s enemies.

In the film, Akshay Kumar will be essaying the role of a gangster who wants to be an actor, and Kriti Sanon will be playing a journalist who aspires to be a film director.