Release Date : November 4, 2021

Genres :

Director : Siva

Stars : Rajinikanth, Keerthy Suresh, Nayanthara

Writters : Siva, Chandran Pachamuthu, Savari Muthu

Durations : 2h 43min

Plot: Kaaliyan has a sister who marries a young man without the permission from Kaaliyan and moves to Kolkata with her husband , where she faces unknown threats. Soon her brother Kaaliyan comes to the rescue.

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Annaatthe movie For Kaalayan, his sister means the world to him. Things go haywire when as a bride-to-be she elopes to Calcutta with her lover. However, when the happily married sister gets trapped in the claws of a don, Kaalayan will stop at nothing to save her.

A local leader and his younger sister are inseparable, but as they begin to plan for her wedding, arising complications threaten to rupture their bond.

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