A1 Express
Release Date : March 5, 2021
Genres :
Director : Dennis Jeevan Kanukolanu
Stars : Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Murli Sharma
Writters : Sreekanth, Devesh Jeyachandran
Durations : 2h 18min
Plot: the film deals with the issues of corruption and nepotism in sports.

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A1 Express is a sports drama film directed By Dennis Jeevan Kanukolanu and jointly produced by TG Vishwa Prasad, Abhishek Agarwal, Daya Pannem. The movie cast includes Sundeep Kishan playing the main lead role while Hiphop Tamizha scored music.

Set in Yanam the story begins with a history about the Chittibabu hockey stadium which has seen its glory days back in the 40s.

How a happy-go-lucky youngster Sanju, his lady love Lavanya & the local team’s coach fight hard to save the stadium from being usurped by a corrupt politician unravels as an inspiring tale. 

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