Magnifixer for pc 2021 Free Download

Developed by Blacksun Software, Magnifixer is a free help tool that gives you an advanced screen magnifier, simply hover your mouse cursor over any part of your screen and it will zoom in quickly. Users with visual impairments will greatly enjoy this program. This software allows you to enlarge your screen to any size you like and you can even select 40x magnification zoom level factor.

Use under any circumstances

Even if you have trouble reading small text, need a detailed look at your drawings, or more precision in your work, this will definitely help. You can force the app to use the tracker and track your mouse or have a fixed view of the magnitude to magnify. In addition to the 40x zoom capability, it can also set the refresh frequency from once to 30 times per second.

It supports dual monitoring and can operate a simple and intuitive interface even for non-tech-savvy users. This tool starts on your system tray and can be accessed with the right click of a small icon only if you need to. Once you have opened the content menu, you will be presented with a list of options such as enabling a top-level window software, displaying or hiding your cursor, smoothing your display screen and changing image colors.

In addition, Magnifixer offers a comprehensive ‘Help’ feature. Tips provided immediately at the beginning of offline files are also available for beginners. For quick access, this tool allows the use of keyboard shortcuts. To name a few, “Ctrl + G” will show or hide the program and “Ctrl + F” to adjust a location. However, these shortcuts cannot be customized. From RGB values ​​to HTML code, and you can change the color display mode, too.

Suitable for visually impaired users

Magnifixer is an essential support system that will greatly help users, especially those with poor eyesight. It offers a powerful magnification tool that can be adjusted up to 40x. It provides an intuitive and straightforward interface with a comprehensive ‘Help’ desk user that makes it easy for a beginner or non-tech savvy user to learn to use it. There are many options for you to choose from.


  • Straightforward user interface
  • Up to 40x zoom level
  • Switchable color display mode
  • Great help for visually-impaired users


  • Keyboard shortcuts can’t be customized

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