Haikyuu Otome for Windows 2021 Free download

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Haiku Otome is a free simulation game created by indie developer Nahala for fans of the popular anime series. As the name suggests, this is an otome game in which players can become their favorite high school students from the series.

In addition, they can also become club members of the volleyball club. However, Haiku Otome is still in the pre-alpha version. There is no school other than Karsuno. Also, there is not much in the game, aside from introductions.

Haikyuu Otome for Windows

Free dating simulator games

Haiku otom Developed by Nahla, you play as the main character or MC in this free dating sim fan game based on the popular volleyball manga and anime series, Haiku. You are the main team of the series, a student at Karsuno Boys Volleyball Club and a future sports team manager. It is a novel-type game based on a relationship that has both platonic and romantic relationships.

Join the club

Haikyuu Otome for Windows is a life simulation game featuring Haiku-verse. It lets you live the life of a student in one of the schools started in the series. It also introduces you to some of the original characters — Ellis and Ricchio — who will accompany you as they move into the game. Unlike other visual novel games, you have the option of naming your character.

You also have the choice of your gender. However, there is nothing in your character. It doesn’t matter much, though, since the game is played from a first-person point of view.

Once your character is set, you and your friends can go around the school in search of a club to join. There are five clubs you can join: boys ‘volleyball, girls’ volleyball, art, football and photography.

The game allows you to explain the activities of the club and get information about being a member of the club before you officially join the club. Note that when you join a sports club, you will only be a manager, not a player.

As stated, the game is a pre-alpha version — meaning the entire game is still working. In fact, what you can get from this version is just the introduction. You can only set your character and choose a club. Also, while it has three provinces and six school options, you can only go to Karsuno. To make it worse, it has not introduced any of the characters from the canon apart from the von-principal.

The gameplay

The current plot of the game begins with joining your new high school. As a new student, you must choose your name and preferred gender pronoun. However, although you can choose your preferred pronoun, you cannot choose your gender. Right from the get-go, you were introduced to two unique students: namely Richio and Alice. From then on, you can pick which sports club you want to join – be it photography, art, boys girls volleyball or football.

Haikyuu Otome for Windows Development

After going through an application list of over 600, the developer selected a team to work on the game. The company divided them into three groups: coding, art, and storyboards. They are all in the intensive process of producing more content for this intense fan game. We can’t wait to see what they do.

In its current state, it is not much: it is only in the pre-alpha version. It is in continuous development and has incredibly ambitious dreams. The team plans to develop several high-school plotlines within Japan.

Just a teaser

Haiku Otom is a chance for fans of the popular series to live out their fantasy of living side by side with their favorite volleyball team — that is, if the game will actually allow them to.

However, it is now, no different from the three main characters in the game – you and your other two friends – and the club you join. No canon cast has appeared, and there is no club activity you can do yet. This version is like a teaser appearing in the full game.

How to Download Haikyuu Otome for Windows

Haikyuu Otome for Windows available on Windows is only a small download. After extracting the contents of the ZIP file, all you need to do is open the EXE file.

Set your emotional heart on fire

Haiku Otome is a fun game that anyone can appreciate in story-based games and anime art. While there is still much to come from this complex story, you will enjoy what is currently available. It is worth a download.


  • Great art style
  • Features schools from the anime series
  • Lightweight
  • Features new original characters


  • Very short runtime
  • Only Karasuno High School is playable
  • No canon characters introduced yet

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