EA Desktop App for Windows 2021 Free Download

EA Desktop is a free video app tool that allows you to easily access all EA games for games. Developed by Electronic Arts, this is the official PC Launch app and the new iteration of Origin. Although it is a beta activity,

it relies heavily on player feedback to keep it developing. You can freely switch between the two and continue playing your games, as your account is automatically synced once you have received this application.

What is EA Desktop?

The EA Desktop app is a new version of EA for Origin, its digital distribution platform that allows players to purchase and play EA video games on it. Like other similar software – such as Steam and Ubisoft Connect – Origin includes features to add to your gaming experience.

You can connect with friends using the social function to add friends, send messages, and set up a play profile. It also integrates with social media sites and its official subscription service, EA Play.

This new desktop application retains the original features of the Source and upgrades to them. Now you can seamlessly access the social feature with in-game overlays and browse your friends list, chat, and other profiles.

It will also provide instant updates and many play features. However, most of you are just fixes and updates. It’s very easy to find the app because the beta is open to all players – even if you already have the Origin software.

To switch to this version when you already have the Origin app, you must first install this app as it is a completely different program. After doing so, sign in with your EA account. Your games will be automatically downloaded and ready to play, as this is linked to your account and not just Source.

If you don’t see any other games, they may not have been added to the platform yet so wait until it arrives.

Help improve the app

All in all, EA Desktop is a great platform development and delivers features that have been requested by fans for a long time. Too bad it is not a major update to the Origin platform itself but you can easily switch between them and continue playing your games.

Everything in your EA account will appear in this program without much trouble. It is recommended to try this to contribute to the development of EA services.


  • New features
  • Various updates and fixes
  • Automatically syncs your account data
  • Can switch with Origin for gaming


  • A completely separate app from the original
  • Not all games are immediately available

Free Windows EA Library

Electronic technology has made a concerted effort to ensure that its gaming platforms match the likes of Steam and Ubisoft. It has changed the previous versions of EA Access and Origin to EA Play as a subscription service that connects to PC, console and mobile gaming platforms. In September 2020, it announced the launch of its EA Desktop App.

What is an EA Desktop app?

The app is a Windows PC platform designed for the next generation of gamers. Allows you to access all of your Electronic Arts games in a central location, while you can present any topic directly from the client. There are various Playtime controls that separate you from the same apps, giving you an overview of your friends’ work.

Is EA Origin going?

Mike Blank, EA’s senior vice president, informed the players that the Origin product is disappearing. The EA Desktop App completely eliminates the previous Root client with a simple new look and feel. In conjunction with the new EA Play subscription service, it is clear that the game publishing company has set new goals for the next few years.

How to download, install, and update the EA Desktop app

You can download the new EA Desktop App from our link. Once the file has been saved to your PC, you can open the installation wizard and install it on the storage device. You will need to set your preferences and give the platform the opportunity to sync with your EA Play account. When finished, you can link to your existing games or download new ones.

Our take

The EA Desktop App is a direct step in electronic art, even if it could choose the most exciting name for this app. The interface is modern and offers better performance than Origin. Game download speed and performance also seem to improve.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you have an EA Play account or are the owner of Origin before renaming it. If you are interested in playing between different devices, you should consider downloading and installing the platform.

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