The photo viewer you use fixes everything that happens in viewing photos, and having a tool that doesn’t disturb you in any way while providing you with all the basic ways to communicate with your photos is important.

CPix is ​​a handy app that lets you easily view your photos in a well-organized environment while combining conversion capabilities, among others.

Photo viewer app with various functions

CPix is ​​a free image viewer program that enables you to easily view image files in different formats. Developed by FileFriend, this portable multimedia tool is integrated and fast, supporting a variety of image formats, format conversion, and encryption. It also provides some basic features that are commonly found in photo editing software. This is a good choice if you find that your standard app slows down your upload photos.

It’s full of functionality

CPix works like any other image viewer app but has an amazing amount of functionality when it comes to formatting. For one thing, it can transform your images and make it into batch processing. It can also increase image size and make batch size, allowing you to customize your width and height. This program usually supports many popular formats, such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, TIFF, BMP, to name a few.

It also supports special formats such as MPO (Multi-Picture Object), EMPO (Encrypted MPO), EJPG (Encrypted JPEG), PL (Photo List), and EPL (Encrypted PL). There is only DualPhoto format for this program as well. This format contains two JPEG images in one file – the second image is already encrypted. Additionally, you can play animations using this tool. You can go to settings to set its playback speed and enable or disable auto-play.

There are other customization options in the settings, too. For one thing, you can choose the image format for the image upload and format conversion. You can choose the background color, effects such as brightness and tone, and the image layout in which the files will be displayed. This software even allows you to view it frame by frame. However, the downside is that some features do not allow certain formats when you use them – for example, the size increase is for JPEG, BMP, and PNG only.

Good choice

All in all, CPix is ​​a multi-functional multimedia program with an easy-to-use display – especially when compared to most automatic image viewers. While not all of its features are able to accept all formats that can be viewed, these are still useful tools you have. This app is highly recommended for anyone who wants more functionality in their image viewer apps. Best of all is that it’s completely free to use.


  • Free
  • Supports most of the popular image formats
  • Can convert files
  • Has other useful viewing features


  • Some features don’t support certain formats

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