Chedot for Windows 2021 Free Download

Free, Chromium-based browser

Speaking of web browsers based on a diverse and reliable Chromium platform, Google Chrome has certainly taken notice. However, there are other Chromium-based methods out there that have their own unique tools and features.

Chedot Browser is one of those. Compared to a cute icon featuring a Che Guevara bird, this app offers more than just your basic internet browsing tools. It has a lot of interesting features that you don’t see very often even in normal browsers.

In addition to your standard browser

Chedot offers five special tools that work to improve your browsing experience. The first integrated VPN service tool allows you to access geo-restricted websites and hide your IP address.

The second tool, meanwhile, provides instant access to your Facebook account and its various categories. But what makes the app so amazing is that it allows you to download music and videos. With the third tool, called Media Downloader, you can download YouTube videos in both MP4 and MP4a formats.

Additionally, you can also save music from the popular music streaming service, SoundCloud.

The fourth tool in the app is called Download Manager. As the name suggests, this feature makes it easy for you to track everything you download. Finally, the fifth tool is a screen capture tool.

With it, you can work hard to take every window or selected areas within it. This tool comes with a small set of annotations functions, allowing you to enhance your screenshots.

While all of this may sound good, there are a few things about the browser that you need to know. To get started, the first tab in the app is locked. While you can use it to browse the Internet, you can’t turn it off or anywhere.

Plus, a custom introductory screen will appear whenever you start a new tab. This first screen shows various categories and multiple ads. To make it worse, you can’t turn off this custom introduction screen.

Another promising option

If you are looking for another Google Chrome, then Chedot should try it. In summary, this browser allows you to visit geo-blocked websites, download videos and music, take screenshots and easily access your Facebook.

However, while it may be promising, there are some annoying usage issues that you need to put up with.


  • Comes with a VPN
  • Downloads videos from YouTube
  • Allows download of music from SoundCloud
  • Takes screenshots


  • First tab is locked
  • Custom intro screen pops up every time you start a new tab
  • Custom intro screen cannot be deactivated

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