What Is Easy Anti-Cheat on Windows 10 and Is It Safe?

What Is Easy Anti-Cheat on Windows 10 and Is It Safe?:

You’re getting messages about something called “Easy Anti-Cheat” that you don’t remember installing. What does he do? Why is it on your computer? Is this a virus? If you are looking for peace of mind then you are at the right place.

What is Easy Anti-Cheat?

online gaming Huge today, but the fun is often spoiled by players who cheat. It is common for these fraudsters to purchase software that modifies or otherwise interferes with a game in a way that gives someone an unfair advantage.

easy anti-cheat There is a product that runs in the background, watching for this type of cheating software and preventing players who use them from participating in the game.

Easy Anti-Cheat is a highly advanced software developed by a company called Camu. For obvious reasons, they don’t explain how the software works, but you can think of it as a sort of anti-malware system specifically for games.

If you attempt to tamper with it or use software to cheat in a particular game, Easy Anti-Cheat may permanently ban you from playing online in that specific game.

Is Easy Anti-Cheat Safe?

Yes, Easy Anti-Cheat is a legitimate program that is used by many game developers to protect the integrity of their online games. It’s going to run at the same time the game uses it.

Because of the way Easy Anti-Cheat works, some antivirus software may incorrectly detect it as a virus. However, it is unlikely that will happen, given how well-known Easy Anti-Cheat is. So it should be whitelisted by default in your antivirus software.

Finding an easy anti-cheat location

Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed in a special place on your computer. Instead, every game that uses the software will install a copy of it. This is usually within the game’s folder structure.

If you want to remove Easy Anti-Cheat from your computer, you’ll also need to remove every game that uses it. When the last game has been removed, the software will be gone from your system. In some cases, a game will ask if you want to install Easy Anti-Cheat when you install it. Opting out will likely prevent you from playing that game online using servers that require the service.

If you want to uninstall Easy Anti-Cheat manually, you can check for “EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe” inside the game’s folder. Run it, and you will be given the option to uninstall or repair the service.

Checking the Validity of Easy Anti-Cheat

Our research did not indicate a record of any malware trying to disguise itself as a handy anti-cheat. However, if you open Task ManagerThe service name should be “EasyAntiCheat Service”.

Also, the service should only run if the game that uses it is also running. This is because a service running at any other time by that name may be suspicious, and you may want to run a deep scan with your favorite anti-malware package.

Which games come with Easy Anti-Cheat?

Multiplayer games widely use easy anti-cheat. this list on site Not widespread, so may use other game software. Notable titles include Apex Legends, Black Desert Online, Dead by Daylight, Halo Master Chief Collection, and Fortnite Battle Royale. So if you have any of these games or from the official list, you will have Easy Anti-Cheat there too.

Easy Anti-Cheat Errors to Fix

When Easy Anti-Cheat is working as intended, you’ll never know it’s there. However, no software is perfect and you can face many errors related to it. These are the most common issues with their improvement.

Windows or game needs an update

Easy Anti-Cheat relies on certain system files to work and a specific game’s version of Easy Anti-Cheat may require newer versions of those files. Alternatively, the game may need an update for similar reasons.

Add Easy Anti-Cheat to Virus Exceptions

If you’re using an antivirus package that doesn’t make exceptions for Easy Anti-Cheat, add it manually. Refer to your software manual for specific instructions. Keeps a list of developers Antivirus compatibility If you want to check whether Easy Anti-Cheat works with Antivirus or not.

Check Your Connection for Easy Anti-Cheat

For the software to work, it needs a connection to its home server. Easy Anti-Cheat makes this easy by providing two URLs that will let you know if your connection is working:

In both cases, visiting these sites using your browser should result in a “200 – HTTP OK” message. If not, you will need to check your Internet connection or Internet settings (such as firewall) to make sure everything is configured correctly.

Reboot your PC or close other applications

Because of how Easy Anti-Cheat works, other applications on your computer may interfere with the program. This can block or kick you from online games. Reboot your computer and close programs that are no longer required to run to see if this has resolved the problem.

Final Tip: Don’t cheat!

Easy Anti-Cheat is completely safe for your computer, but it is not so safe if you want to cheat in online video games. If you use special cheat software, it may work for some time, but once anti-cheat is updated, running that software simultaneously as a game may result in permanent ban .

If you have been banned from playing for cheating, you are also not eligible for a refund in most cases. So it can be a costly mistake. It’s better to just play fair and have fun the right way.