The 5 Best Blue Light Filter Apps For Windows, Mac and Linux

The 5 Best Blue Light Filter Apps For Windows, Mac and Linux:

When you spend too much time using your gadgets, whether you are feeling an eye strain, dry eyes or occasional headaches is a sign that you should definitely reduce the time to stare at the screen. However, this may not always be possible.

The good news is, you can also start using blue light filter software to reduce eye strain and in some cases Improve your sleep. We have prepared a list of apps that you can use on your computer, which will help protect you from the harmful effects of blue light.

What’s wrong with the blue light?

Blue light is the reason your eyes start to ache after staring at your device screen for too long. Constant exposure to blue light can suppress the production of melatonin or sleep-producing hormones. This means that the constant use of your equipment keeps you alert and prolongs your day, but also disrupts your natural sleep cycle. This can make your eyes feel tired and more tired at the end of the day, as well as various sleep problems and depression over time.

Filtering blue light can help restore your natural sleep cycle and may help other biological processes in your body that are determined by the light level your body comes in contact with. Here are some examples of blue light filter software that you can use for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mini iris For windows, mac, linux

Iris Mini is one of the best free apps that you can get when using your computer to reduce blue light. It is extremely simple and minimalistic: there is no UI, no confusing multi-option menus, no useless buttons. Once you download and install the software, the iris will appear on your screen as an icon in your computer’s ribbon menu.

There are only 3 mode variations: self drive, The guide, And Paused. Iris reduces the color temperature and Brightness of your screen Without increasing the flicker rate of the monitor. In self drive The color temperature is kept at 5000k and brightness 100% during the day, and at night it changes to 3400k and 80%.

The guide The mode allows you to keep the color temperature at 3400k and brightness at 80% at all times, while Paused Means stopping the work of the app.

You can also get more options to customize the Iris Mini by paying for the Pro version for $ 8 (one-time payment). Otherwise, the app is free and available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Red shift For windows, mac, linux

Redshift is free and open-source blue light filter software that determines your location and adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to the position of the sun. You will see your screen transition to different color temperatures during the day when a natural source of light and during the night to match the light to artificial light sources that surround you.

According to the developer, the app also takes into account whether it is a bright or a cold day at your location and changes the color temperature appropriately.

Redshift is free and open source with source code Available on GitHub.

SunsetScreen is a free blue light filter app that controls the brightness of your screen to the next level. Sunsetscreen keeps the screen brighter for longer periods of time during the winter months.

In winter it gets darker than before, but you can schedule work or studies as before. The application allows you to match your own sunrise and sunset times with your productivity cycle. You can then create your own presets and choose the level of brightness and color temperature you want for your computer screen.

The application is completely free to download and use. However, only one version is available for Windows at this time.

CareUEyes Lite is a free version of a blue light filter app called CareUEyes. Blue Light Filters is a great way to test the app before buying the Pro version and see how you like it before buying the Pro version.

CareEase Lite comes with a brightness control that allows you to adjust the brightness of your screen from 20% to 100% at different levels. Since CareUEyes Lite uses only 600kb of disk space and as little CPU time as possible, this is an app that you can install on a poorly performing computer as well.

However, if you need more features such as blue light filters, sunrise / sunset switches, and timers, you can purchase a Pro license starting at $ 1.90 per month.

If you are a Mac owner, you do not need to download third-party blue light filter software to filter blue light at night time. Night shift turns your display into warm colors at night, allowing you to work safely on your computer after sunset.

To turn on Night Shift on your Mac, follow the path Apple menu > system Preferences > Presents > night shift. There you have a choice Schedule Choose blue light filters for sunset and sunrise as well as on and off at your location, as well as a custom schedule for it.

The guide The option turns on the blue light filter until sunrise. You can also set the color temperature of the screen you prefer to toggle Less hot To more warm.

Use a blue light filter app to browse safely at night

If you do not want to install one Third-Party Blue Light Filter App On your computer, check if your device has a built-in option to block blue light. Similar to Mac’s Night Shift, Windows 10 has a dedicated night light feature that you can turn on and off, and Ubuntu 17.10 has full light mode.

Which app do you use to filter the blue light of your screen? Share your experience with the blue light filter software in the comments section below.