How to Remove News and Weather from the Windows 10 Taskbar

How to Remove News and Weather from the Windows 10 Taskbar:

The News & Interest Widget (aka The News & Weather Widget) in Windows 10 allows you to check the current weather with a quick glance at the taskbar. it also shows additional meteorological information And the news is updated every time you move the cursor over the widget icon. But while the News & Interests widget is a cool concept, it is poorly executed with terrible design choices.

For starters, not only does the text on the News & Interest widget look blurry on most displays, but the various “cards” inside it load slowly and react sluggishly. it also opens everything microsoft edge, even if you have set a different browser as the default on your PC.

if you wish keep things to a minimum And hate the fuzzy text or in-your-face News Feed, you can remove the News & Interests widget entirely. Taskbar in Windows 10. Or, you can choose to make things more bearable by customizing it.

Remove News & Interests Widget from Taskbar

The News & Interests widget in Windows 10 appears right next to the system tray on the taskbar. If it appears blurry, out of place, or distracts you from your work, you can choose to get rid of it. like this:

1. Right-click on News & Interests Widget icon or an empty area of ​​the taskbar.

2. Point Two News & Interests.

3. Select Stop it.

This should immediately remove the News & Interests widget from view. Should you want to re-enable it, just right-click on the taskbar, point to News & Interests, and select show icon and text.

Change the appearance of the News & Interests widget

If you find the News & Interests widget useful but distracting, you can make it less of a problem by changing the look of the icon and the way it works by default.

Start by right-clicking on the taskbar. then, indicate News & Interests choose more show only icons To remove the text and display the weather only as a status icon.

Additionally, deselect open on hover Option to stop the News & Interests widget from opening whenever you move the cursor over it. In addition, choose minimize taskbar updates To reduce the frequency of widget icon updates on the taskbar.

Customize cards in the News & Interests widget

In addition to the news feed, the News & Interests widget displays a handful of cards called Weather, Finance, Sports and Traffic. However, they are not static and you can adapt them to display the desired information relatively quickly.

For example, to change the location in Weather, select more options icon (three dots) at the top-right of the card and select edit Location. Then, specify your location and select save.

The same goes for finance cards. just open more options menu and select add symbol To add different ticker symbols.

Remove cards in News & Interests widget

You can also hide weather, finance, sports and traffic cards within the News & Interests widget to reduce clutter inside whenever you want. To do this, select more info icon on the relevant card and select hide this card.

pay attention: Hiding the weather card will also cause all weather information to disappear from the News and Interests cards on the taskbar. Instead, you’ll see a newspaper-shaped icon.

To reactivate any hidden card, select Adjustment icon (three dots) at the top-left of the News & Interests widget and select language and content.

that you should load Experience Settings in Microsoft Edge. Follow up by turning on the switch next to the card you want.

Remove News Feed Stories in News & Interests Widget

Unlike weather, finance, sports, and traffic cards, you can’t remove any items that are part of your news feed. However, you can delete the stories you don’t like x-shaped icon at the top right of the card. It should then automatically be replaced with another story, but you can choose not interested in this story or don’t like the source This happens before as a way of relaying your priorities.

Additionally, you can select more options icon in the lower-right corner of a News Feed story (three dots) and select options like short stories like this or More stories like this To train the widget’s algorithms about your interests.

You can also tune the headlines in the Top Stories card (which appears at the top of the News & Interests widget) this way.

Manage your interests in the News & Interests widget

The News & Interests widget lets you customize the news feed directly. Choose manage interests icon at the top of the widget to load my interests Settings in Microsoft Edge. Again, choosing your priorities is a simple matter. Choose plus Click the icon next to a topic that interests you or select it again to remove it.

In addition, you can choose the news publishers and sources that you prefer tune your feed Options on the sidebar.

hide it or start customizing

The News & Interests widget isn’t Microsoft’s best effort yet. It looks out of sync with the rest of the user interface, lacks the typical flair in Windows 10, and detracts from the experience by launching Microsoft Edge for almost everything.

Still, you can customize it to your liking with some effort if you want, and it’s likely to get better in later updates. so don’t forget Keep Windows 10 up-to-date.