How to Merge Videos in Windows 10

How to Merge Videos in Windows 10:

In Windows 10 it is quite easy to merge multiple video clips and create a single video file.

In Windows 10 you can use either a built-in app that can be called to merge photos or videos to a third-party app. In addition to being a great photo organizer, the Photos app lets you edit videosAdd text to your video, and add background music, among other things.

Use the built-in Photos app to merge videos in Windows 10

To easily merge videos in Windows 10, follow the steps below:

  1. Open up Start Menu, search for The photos, And select The photos From search results.
  1. Choose New video Top and select New video project. This starts a new project to merge your video.
  1. When prompted, enter a title for the project or use the default name. Choose Okay.
  1. Choose to link Choose more From this pc To upload videos from your computer.
  1. In the File Explorer window that opens, select the videos you want to merge. Press and hold Ctrl Many items to select.
  2. Your imported videos are now available in photos. Pick and choose the first video Put in storyboard To add video to the timeline.

You can only drag the video from Project library And drop down Storyboard Section.

  1. Repeat step 6 for all videos.
  1. Once all the videos have been added to the storyboard, you can drag and drop your videos into the storyboard section to change their order.
  1. Choose End the video At the top-right of the photo window.
  1. Choose High From video quality Dropdown menu, and then select Export.
  1. Choose a folder to save the merged video and select Export on the bottom.

pay attention: Only you can Export your videos In MP4 in the photo app. This may change in the future but currently, there is no support for other video formats. You can use a program like Handbreak to Two Convert between different video formats.

Use Kdenlive to merge videos in Windows 10

Free and Open-source program, Like Kdenlive, is an easy way to combine, edit and enhance videos in Windows 10. You can choose the file format of your choice and there are various Tools you can use to edit your videos Before merging the video.

  1. Download and install free Kudliv Video Editor on your PC.
  1. When installed, open the video editor.
  1. Choose Assignment or Project Menu at the top and choose Add clip or folder. From this you can import the videos you want to merge into one file.
  1. Select the videos you want to merge. Hold down Ctrl The key to selecting multiple videos and importing them into Kdenlive.
  1. First drag the video and drop it on the timeline.
  1. Drag the second video and place it next to the first video.
  1. Repeat step 7 until you put all the videos in the timeline.
  1. Choose to present or to show Options at the top of the Kdenlive interface.
  1. Select the folder icon next to output file And choose a folder to save your merged videos.
  1. Choose a format for your video file The format Menu.
  1. Choose Submit to file At the bottom to start creating a merged video file.
  1. The live merge process on your screen tells you how long the final video is ready.
  1. When the merger has ended, close Kdenlive.

Use the Olive video editor to combine the video

Olive video editor There is another free and open-source program for merging and editing videos on Windows. To use this program follow the steps given below:

  1. Install and open Olive Video Editor on your PC.
  1. Choose The file Menu at the top and choose Import. From this you can add videos you want to combine.
  1. Select the videos you want to merge. You can select multiple videos by pressing down Ctrl Key while selecting.
  1. Back on the editor screen, drag your first video from the list to the timeline.
  1. Drag other videos so that all your videos are placed sequentially from time to time.
  1. Choose The file Menu at the top and choose Export.
  1. Select a format, category, and other options for your output video file. Configuring these options is optional. Choose Export on the bottom.
  1. Choose a folder to save and select your merged video Save on the bottom.

When the Olive video editor has merged your video, the resulting file will be available in your specified folder.

The conclusion

we have used VirusTotal Scan Kdenlive and Olive Video Editor to make sure they are malware-free. Many Microsoft Store apps help you merge videos, but are either full of ads, require a premium subscription, or may be Contains viruses and malware Which can harm your computer.

Comment below and tell us which software works best for you.