How to Markup a PDF in Adobe Reader in 4 Easy Steps

How to Markup a PDF in Adobe Reader in 4 Easy Steps: While almost everyone uses Adobe Reader to read PDFs, it is a common misconception that you can only edit those PDFs if you purchase Adobe Pro.

There is actually quite a bit that you can do with a PDF in Reader, such as fill out a form with your details or add your digital signature or add comments and notes to the document. Unless you are able to convert PDF to Word unless you own Adobe Pro yourself, you can still add your personal touch to the document and keep it in PDF format. But how do you do it?

How to Markup a PDF in Adobe Reader.

If you do not already have the program installed, you can download Adobe Reader for Mac version or working on Mac. When you have everything up and running, you can proceed with the guide.

Step 1: Open the document

Open the PDF you want to edit and choose View from the top menu. Then select Tools → Comment → Open. It displays the comment bar on the left side of the screen and gives you access to the markup tool at the top of the screen.

Markup a PDF in Adobe Reader
Open the document

Step 2: Mark the file

Now use the toolbar just above your document to edit, draw and mark your document.

Mark the file
Mark the file

Step 3: Add Comment

Any changes and markups you make will add a comment to the comment box on the right side of the screen. Here you can add additional comments, and anyone else can reply to the comments to allow for easier communication.

Add comments
Add comments

Step 4: Save the file

Once you have made all the desired changes, save your PDF. Now you can send it to others and allow them to make changes as well, or you can keep the edited version for yourself based on your needs.

Save the file
Save the file

Perfect Tweaking Equipment

Many people do not know that the free version of Adobe Reader has a lot of editing tools, however, which allows for a lot of customization and intuitive collaboration for others. Overall, Adobe has a lot of features that define it as the best PDF reader, whether you’re working on a PC, iPhone, or Android.