How to Install vs Zardy Foolhardy Mod in 4 Fast Steps

How to Install vs Zardy Foolhardy Mod in 4 Fast Steps: In the latest release for this sensational music game, Install vs Zardy Foolhardy Mod combines Friday night’s Funkin with another popular game Zardy’s Labyrinth. In the revision, you will be challenged to beat the yolk Foolhardy in a musical battle.

However, be careful, as this is one of the most difficult and rewarding, modifications for the FNF. Although there are three different difficulty settings for you to choose from, even the easiest of them is a challenge to complete. However, the creators have released many different ways to try you out.

How to Install vs Zardy Foolhardy Mod

This modification fits seamlessly into your current Friday Night Funkin game, giving you the opportunity to face new adversaries with new music without disrupting the story or flow of the original game. Here’s how you can install the mod.

Step 1: Have Funkin installed on Friday night

Make sure that you already have FNF installed on your computer. If you don’t, download and install it first.

Step 2: Download the Vs. Zardy Mod

Vs. Download Zardi Mod from a reputed website.

Step 3: Extract Mod Files

How to Install vs Zardy Foolhardy Mod
Extract the Mod Files

Next, you need to extract the mod files. Although you do not need to install this mod in a specific file, we recommend that you extract it in the same place in your Friday night Finkin game so that you can find it easily.

Step 4: Play Vs. Zardi Phooldhari Mod

Now you can run the mod by double-clicking the executable file from the downloaded mod. The .exe file extension would represent this.

Enjoy this challenging mode

This modification is one of the most challenging and enjoyable ways for FNFs. Once you download the mod, please give it. Even if your fingers do not move, you will thank us.

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