How to Insert Page Numbers in Word and Google Docs

How to Insert Page Numbers in Word and Google Docs: page number Useful for short letters and essays. They are necessary for writing long documents such as books and dissertations. If you have a table of contents, page numbering can save you a lot of time and effort in searching for topics and chapters.

Whether you are using Word or Google Docs, you can add page numbers in different number formats to the header, footer or margin of your document and then customize them to your liking.

How to insert page number in word on windows

pay attention: The instructions for adding page numbers in this guide apply to recent Word versions.

On one Windows pc Follow the steps given below.

  1. On the Office ribbon, click Insert > Page Number And then choose the style and location of your choice; For example, the top of the page, the bottom of the page, the page margin, and the current position (wherever your cursor is).
Insert Page Numbers in Word and Google Docs
  1. For each location, you will have a set of different options to choose from. The options allow you to adjust the alignment of page numbers, color options, pronunciation, and more.
  1. Press Esc Or select Closed header and footer when you’re done.
  1. If you need to edit the style or format of the page number, double-click the number itself in the header or footer and make the necessary adjustments. To see where the page number appears, select the page number in the header or footer. Squeeze The tab Key on your keyboard to position the number to the right, center or left.
  1. If you want to see the total number of pages, for example page 2 of 100, you can do so in the header or footer of your document.
  • Repeat Phase 1.
  • Scroll to Page X of Y Section and choose a format.
  • You can also adjust the formatting of page numbers by going to Insert > page number And click on Format page number.
  • You can double-click the top or bottom of any page in a Word document to enter header and footer editing mode.
  • Double-click or select anywhere outside the header or footer Close header And Football.

How to enter page number in word on mac

Follow the steps below on a Mac.

  1. Choose Insert > page number > page number.
  1. select a place And Alignment Style, And Word will number each page except the specified title pages.
  1. Press The format Button to change the numbering style, select the format you want and choose Okay To exit twice. You can also choose on which page you want the number to start.

If you need to adjust the position or format of the page number later, you can do this by double-clicking the top or bottom of the page in Word and then selecting header footer > Page Number > page number or Format page number.

Double-click outside the header or select header footer > Closed header and footer To exit.

If you want to see the total number of pages, such as page 1 of 10, double-click the header or footer. header footer > Football > Semaphore, And then double-click the header or footer to exit.

pay attention: If you don’t see the page numbers you want after inserting them, see if there are any graphics or other elements within the header or footer and move them.

Enter the page number in Word Online (web version)

You can enter the page number Word online Using the following steps.

  1. log in With your Microsoft account. If you do not have an account, you will need to create an account.
  2. Choose Insert > Page number And then select where you want the numbers to appear.

pay attention: To include the total number of pages in Word for the web, click Insert > Page number > Include page count For X of Y format and select a location.

pay attention: Choose opinion > Reading scene To view your header or footer with page numbers.

Start page number in a word document later

If you want the page number to start on the second or third page instead of the page in your document, you can use Individual first page Options in Word.

  1. Choose Insert > Header or Football And then select Edit header or Edit footer > Different first Page. You can just double click a header or footer in a Word document.

This option applies not only to the first page, but also to the first page of another section in your document.

  1. Double-click the first page header or footer, select the page number and press Remove.
  1. To begin with the number 1 on the second page of your document, select page number > Format page number > Start On And set the value to 0.
  1. Press Esc Or select Closed header and footer To exit.

Start page numbering on the third page in Word

if you wish Use double sided printing In Word, odd numbered pages will be printed first and then equal numbered pages on the opposite side of the paper. You can change the settings to start the page number on page 3.

  1. Select the page where you want the page numbers to start and then go Layout > The break > next page.
  1. Double-click the header or footer in the section break where you want the numbers to appear and click Link to previous. Doing this will unlink the header and footer sections so that you can insert a new page number. You will notice the text “Same as previous” will disappear.
  1. Click page number Icon> page numberChoose a location and style for the number.
  1. Click page number Icon> Format page number
  1. Start On And set the value of whatever you want to start indexing your page number. Click Okay.

If you are using Word Online in a web browser, you cannot start the page numbering in the document.

Remove page number in word

If you no longer need the page numbers in your document and want to remove them all, you can do so in a few quick steps.

  1. Choose Insert > page number > Remove page number On your Windows PC or Mac.

pay attention: If you don’t see Remove page number Double-click the button, header, or footer, select the number, and then choose Delete.

  1. In Word Online, select Edit document > Edit in word for web And then go Insert > Page number > Remove page number.

How to enter page number in Google Docs

Like Microsoft Word, you can enter page numbers in Google Docs. However, in Google Docs, numbers are not automatically included on pages.

It is quite easy to add page numbers starting with a specific page, specific section of the document, or the entire document.

  1. Open Google Doc, select Insert > page number.
  1. If you want to start page numbers on a specific page or section, choose Insert > Page Number > more options.
  1. Choose Start And choose where you want the number to be and then select Applicable.

pay attention: If you do not see the applicable option, select a section of your content, select Insert > break, And choose a break type to add a section break.

Start page numbering on page number 2 in Google Docs

For a multi-page document, you can start page numbering on another page rather than starting on the cover page.

  1. Choose Insert > page number
  2. Choose to add page numbers to the header or footer of each page except the cover page. For this option, select the icon with the number 1 shown on the back page.

Find your way around a document

When your document requires numbers on every page, you can easily insert them into Word or Google Docs using the steps above.

We would love to hear your tips and tricks for inserting or formatting a page number. Tell us about it in the comments.