How to Fix Two-Finger Scroll Not Working on Windows 10

How to Fix Two-Finger Scroll Not Working on Windows 10:

The new Windows 10 laptops come with Precision Touchpad support, which includes two-finger scrolling that you can use to control the scrolling process, improve navigation speed and more. increase productivity.

If you’re swiping on your laptop and two-finger scroll isn’t working, this guide presents some fixes you can try to get the two-finger scroll feature working again.

6 ways 6 Fix Two-Finger Scroll Not Working on Windows 10

Touchpad gestures are a quick way to overcome the limitations found with a traditional touchpad. Try the following methods to fix the problem.

Before moving on to more advanced solutions, it is good to check whether you have enabled the two-finger scroll feature through Control Panel or Windows Settings. When enabled, you can drag two fingers on any part of your touchpad to scroll up and down.

1. How to Turn on Two-Finger Scrolling Using Control Panel

Use these steps to enable two-finger scrolling through Windows Control Panel on your PC.

  1. open to control Panel choose more hardware and Sound.
  1. Next, choose Rat Below equipment section.
  1. Choose device settings Tabs and Highlights synaptics touchpad. If you are using Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, go here Thinkpad tab.
  1. Choose Adjustment Button.
  1. expand the multifinger gesture options and . Select the checkbox next to two-finger scrolling. For Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop, check the box below scroll section.
  1. Choose applicable or Okay To enable two-finger scrolling.

2. How to Turn on Two-Finger Scrolling Using the Settings App

You can also enable two-finger scrolling in Windows 10 through the Settings app on a laptop.

  1. Choose Start (Windows icon) > Adjustment (gear icon) > equipment.
  1. Choose TouchPad on the left to open the touchpad settings.
  1. You will see several options in Windows 10 Touchpad Settings. For example, if your laptop has Precision Touchpad support, you can unlock multiple gestures to use.

pay attention: Check the top of the Touchpad window to confirm whether your laptop supports precision touchpads. If you see the words “Your PC has a precision touchpad,” it means that your computer supports the feature, and you can Customize Touchpad Gestures.

  1. To find out scroll and zoom and then choose drag two fingers to scroll box to enable the two-finger scrolling feature.

pay attention: You can customize two-finger scrolling on your laptop by setting the direction in which the page will scroll as you swipe. Choose scrolling direction box and set it so that the downward motion scrolls downward or the downward motion scrolls upward depending on what feels natural.

3. Update, Reinstall or Rollback Touchpad Drivers

If the touchpad driver is out of date or not installed properly, it may affect how two-finger scroll works. To fix the problem, you can update, reinstall or roll back the touchpad driver and then check if the feature works properly again.

Below we show you how to automatically update a driver using Windows, but it may not always be the best version of the driver. It’s a good idea to visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest touchpad driver manually.

To reinstall the touchpad driver:

  1. right click start > device Manager.
  1. Choose Mice and other pointing devices To expand the range. Right-click on your touchpad and select uninstall device.
  1. Next, check Remove driver software for this device checkbox and then select uninstall.
  1. Restart your computer and Windows will update the touchpad driver automatically. If Windows has not installed the driver, right-click start > device ManagerRight-click on the name of your PC, and select scan for hardware changes To locate and install missing drivers.

To update touchpad drivers:

  1. right click start > device Manager > Mice and other pointing devicess to expand the range.
  2. right click TouchPad > update driver.
  1. Choose Automatically find or updated driver software So that Windows can search the Internet or your computer for the latest driver software for your touchpad.

If you downloaded the driver manually, you can also choose Browse My Computer for Driver Software and choose driver file. If updating the touchpad driver doesn’t make two-finger scroll work on your laptop, you can roll back the touchpad driver.

This method uninstalls the currently installed touchpad driver and then installs the driver that was there previously. You can use it when the new driver is not working properly.

To roll back the touchpad driver:

  1. Open device Manager > Mice and other pointing devices.
  2. right click TouchPad choose more a quality.
  1. Choose Driver tab and then select roll back Driver.

pay attention: If the Roll Back Driver button is grayed out or unavailable, it means that no previous driver version is installed for your touchpad.

4. change mouse pointer

mouse pointer Shows the movements of your mouse, touchpad or pointing device. In some cases, changing the mouse pointer helps fix the two-finger scroll feature when it’s not working.

  1. Type Rat Select More in the search box mouse settings or change your mouse settings. Alternatively, you can open Mouse Settings by going to Settings start > Adjustment > Rat touchpad.
  1. Choose additional mouse options In the Mouse Settings window.
  1. Next, choose signal tab.
  1. under which Plan, Choose Windows Default (System Scheme) and then choose applicable To save your changes. Once done, check the two-finger scroll again.

5. Edit Windows Registry

If you’ve tried the above fixes and your two-finger scrolling feature still won’t work, you can Edit a Windows Registry The key to trying and solving the problem.

pay attention: Back up your registry Before using the below steps, because any small error can damage the system of your computer.

  1. right click start > Daud.
  1. Type regedit In Daud dialog box and press recorded or choose Okay.
  1. go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSynapticsSynTPYour Touch PadName
  1. double click 2FingerTapPluginID and 3FingerTapPluginID keys and check whether value data The field is empty.
  1. Next, set the following values ​​in each of these fields:
  • MultiFingerTapFlags: 2 or 3
  • 2fingertapaction: 2 (right-click task) or 4 (middle-click task)
  • 3FingerTapPluginActionID: 0
  • 3FingertapAction: 4
  1. Quit the Windows Registry, restart your computer, and check if two-finger scrolling works again.

6. Enable Touch Event API

If the two-finger scroll feature is not working when using the Chrome browser, enable the Touch Events API and recheck the two-finger scroll feature.

  1. Type chrome://flags/ in the Chrome browser address bar.
  1. search for Touch Event API In find flags field.
  1. Select the drop-down menu to the right of Touch Event API option and choose active.
  1. Restart Chrome and try using two-finger scrolling again.

Do more with your touchpad

Your laptop’s touchpad has a wealth of settings you can customize to help you get more done. Now that you have two-finger scroll working again, why not learn everything Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 What can you use when your touchpad fails?

Tried everything above but still no luck? Tell us about it in a comment and we’ll try to help.