How to Fix Steam Error Code -105

How to Fix Steam Error Code -105:

Steam The most popular digital storefront for PC gaming. Steam’s software is generally very reliable, but users do run into errors from time to time. For example, Steam error code -105 pops up when the Steam client is having trouble contacting its server.

When error code -105 interrupts your online shopping or gaming time, here are a few things you can try to fix the problem.

What is Steam Error Code-105?

The message “Unable to connect to server” is accompanied by error code -105, which tells you that the Steam client software is trying to request information from the server, and no response is being returned.

We are going to assume that you are getting this error in Steam alone. If you are not able to use other Internet-based services, it is not a Steam-specific problem. In that case you would be better off with some general internet connection troubleshooting. Here are some recommended resources:

If the problem is only with Steam, read on for more solutions.

check if steam is down

What if Steam’s servers are really down? Don’t always assume that the problem is on your end. Even a mega-service like Steam will face downtime. Not to mention the many different internet components that can cause problems between your home connection and Steam’s servers!

This is a great place to check if Steam is closed to everyone or just you. steamstat. It’s not officially affiliated with Valve or Steam, but it works well nonetheless. If it shows that Steam has problems for everyone, you can just wait for the problems to be fixed.

restart your router

A router is just a specialized computer, which means it can go wrong from time to time in oddly specific ways. Your first step when hitting a server connection error such as error code -105 is to turn off your router, wait a minute, and then turn it on again. It’s amazing how many connection problems it solves.

flush your dns

dns or Domain Name System Helps your web browser find the IP addresses of servers registered at specific web addresses. This is similar to finding a person’s name and phone number using their phone book.

Your computer keeps a cache of website addresses and their corresponding IP addresses, so you don’t have to wait for a DNS server every time you visit your regular sites. Unfortunately, that cache can be out of date or corrupt, sometimes causing connection errors.

check out How to Clear DNS Cache on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS For a clear explanation.

Try Different DNS Servers

If Steam cannot contact its servers because your current DNS servers cannot resolve the correct IP address, this can cause Steam error code 105. You can try changing your DNS server to something else. Google’s public DNS servers (at addresses and are a fast, popular, and reliable option. go there How to Change Your DNS Provider in Windows For detailed instructions on making changes.

You also have the option of specifying which DNS servers your router uses, which will affect every device connected to your network unless you override them individually. You’ll need to refer to your router’s specific instruction manual to see where you can enter custom DNS server addresses.

check your firewall

Your OS should have added Steam’s client to the list of exceptions on the built-in firewall when you installed it. However, it must have been removed from that list for various reasons. Regardless of why this happened, you should check your firewall exceptions to make sure Steam is not blocked.

Read on for a detailed explanation of how to do it Adjust Windows 10 Firewall Rules and Settings. Mac Users Should Check Out Mac Firewall: How to Enable and Configure It.

If you are using a third-party firewall, you will need to see the documentation for your specific solution. Also, remember that some antivirus software packages come with a firewall as well, so you’ll want to either disable them temporarily or add an exception for Steam in there.

If you are using a firewall that you do not administer, see How to get around your school or workplace firewall.

Disable VPN and Proxy Servers

A VPN or Virtual Private Network creates a private network tunnel between your computer and the web. It hides your real location and prevents third-parties from spying on your network traffic. Unfortunately, VPNs are also explicitly prohibited by the Steam Terms of Service. If you have an active VPN, turn it off and see if your Steam error is resolved.

Similarly, using a proxy server can also be a problem. Try connecting to the Internet directly without using a proxy server. You can learn how to change or disable your proxy server settings for Windows and Mac by reading How to Check Proxy Server Settings on Your Computer.

disable ad blocker

Ad blockers are popular because aggressive ads on the web can be overwhelming and even a source of malware. However, ad blockers can interfere with Steam in some cases. Try disabling or uninstalling your ad blocker to check if Steam cannot connect to its servers.

Clear Steam Web Browser Cache

Steam uses its built-in web browser to retrieve and display content. Like any browser, its content is cached. It is not as efficient in managing this cache as compared to browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Clearing the cache manually seems to be the solution for many users running into server errors like Steam error code 105. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Choose Steam > Adjustment.
  1. Under the Web Browser section, select delete web browser cache.
  1. When prompted to confirm, choose Okay.

You will not get any further indication that Steam has cleared the cache. Simply close the Settings menu and try using Steam again.

Install the latest version of Steam

Sometimes errors like error code -105 are the result of a bug. Updating to the latest version of Steam is likely to resolve many errors. Usually, Steam should tell you it’s ready for an update as soon as you start it.

However, server connection issues can prevent this from happening. So, you should manually install the latest version of the Steam client:

  1. In your browser of choice, go to
  2. select green install steam Button.
  1. now select blue install steam Button.
  1. Wait for the steamsetup.exe download to complete, then run the program and follow the instructions.

Once you have installed the latest version, start Steam up again and see if the error is gone. We hope you start playing the games again instead of trying to make them work. Let us know in the comments if you have found solutions other than 105 error codes.