How to Fix Mouse Stuttering on Windows 10

How to Fix Mouse Stuttering on Windows 10:

Mouse stuttering is by far one of the most common complaints by computer users. A “stutter” mouse occurs when the mouse pointer is moved incorrectly. At the time of writing this guide, our How to fix Windows 10 mouse lag The YouTube video has garnered nearly 65,000 views and is filled with tons of stories about Windows 10 and computer mice not playing well together.

If your mouse is stuttering and you can’t figure it out, here are the most common fixes we’ve gathered over the years.

clean your mouse

Mice and keyboards are always in contact with your hands and collect dirt at an alarming rate. Plenty of viewers and readers have reported that ultimately, the problem behind their erratic mouse behavior was the presence of long but barely visible hairs.

In short, before you go too deep into the troubleshooting process, check that there is nothing wrong with the optical sensor.

change the surface of your mouse

Try a different surface to make sure the stutter isn’t the result of a surface your mouse has a hard time recognizing, which could be glass or a bumpy surface. Try a mousepad to remove this problem from your list of potential problems.

bluetooth signal

If you’re using a wireless mouse, it most likely uses Bluetooth as its communication technology. While bluetooth works well, troubleshoot bluetooth mouse Deserves an article of its own.

Try the following tips to see if they fix the problem:

  • Check that your batteries have sufficient charge and are firmly seated.
  • Unpair and then pair your mouse.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices in the area to check signal saturation.
  • If applicable, reduce the distance from your computer or change the position of the Bluetooth antennas.

Some mouse brands, such as Logitech’s, offer their own wireless dongles in addition to Bluetooth. Switching from dongle to bluetooth or vice versa may also solve your problem.

disable wallpaper slideshow

If you have set up your Windows 10 computer to cycle through a set of wallpapers, your mouse pointer will stutter and freeze every time it changes. We have tested it on various Windows 10 PCs and it happens to all of them.

If your system is set to cycle wallpaper frequently, such as every few minutes, it can cause this problem. The solution is to set the interval to once a day or disable slideshow and change your wallpaper manually.

disable scroll idle window

This feature does exactly what it says: You can scroll inside an inactive window by holding your mouse pointer over them. While this can be a time saver for those who have to work with a lot of documents and a word processor, for some mysterious reason, turning off mouse stuttering this feature solved for many users. We don’t know why, but it’s worth a try just in case:

  1. Open the start menu and select settings gear.
  2. Choose equipment
  3. Choose Rat.
  4. toggle scroll inactive windows when i hover over them To Close.
  1. Check to see if your laggy mouse works properly again.

disable fast startup

Many users report that disabling Fast Startup can fix the mouse stuttering problem on Windows 10.

Fast Startup is turned on by default and prolongs the boot time of your computer. Most people rarely reboot their computers these days, and even if they do, ssd And faster CPUs make the process faster. For this reason, it’s okay to disable Fast Startup.

Here’s how to disable it:

  1. open to start menu and type control Panel, then select it from the results.
  1. Choose hardware and Sound > energy options.
  1. Choose Choose what the power buttons do.
  1. Choose Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  1. uncheck enable fast startup. Click save Changes.

Shut down your computer and restart it, then check if the mouse stutter problem is gone.

Update or reinstall your mouse drivers and software

Your mouse driver tells Windows how to talk to the hardware. If your mouse came with its own software application, that application may also be part of the problem.

it’s worth download the latest drivers for your mouse and installing them manually after uninstalling the old one. Even if older drivers and software were not the cause of the stutter, newer downloads may include fixes for the mouse stuttering problem.

Update or reinstall your GPU driver

your GPU Driver And software can also be the source of buggy mouse performance. Get the latest drivers and software from your GPU manufacturer’s website. Consider using software like God (Display Driver Uninstaller) To make sure the old version is completely uninstalled. However, do this only if a manual update does not resolve the issue.

remove overclocking

if you sickle Your CPU is pushing the GPU, RAM or other components harder than they were designed for, reverse those changes. Switch everything to their factory clock and voltage settings to eliminate hardware instability as the cause of your mouse stutter. If the problem goes away, you might want to overclock to a lower level if you’re ready to push your system.

check for high system usage

While it’s relatively rare for a modern CPU to be so busy that it can’t handle your mouse pointer, malware or misbehaving applications can lock up the computer for brief moments, making it look like a mouse stutter.

  1. open up Task Manager.
  2. switch to Display tab.
  3. Organize processes by CPU usage and see if any of those applications show usage spikes when your mouse is paused.
  4. If there is a program or process straining your CPU resourcesIf you don’t recognize it, you can consider uninstalling it or running a malware scan.
  5. it’s also worth checking out memory and Disc column to make sure none of them are even running at 100%. If so, you may need to close programs using those resources or uninstall them.

Hopefully, one of the solutions above will fix your mouse stuttering problem. If not, post a comment here and we’ll do our best to help!