How to Fix an OBS Black Screen Capture Error

How to Fix an OBS Black Screen Capture Error:

one of the most popular Live streaming application Outside is OBS Studio (commonly known as OBS). However, a common problem for people using it for streaming or desktop recording is the black screen capture error.

This is when you try to capture your desktop, window, or gaming application, and the only thing that appears is a black screen.

There are a few reasons for the OBS black screen capture error, and this article will show you how to fix each.

Ensure that the correct GPU is selected

The most common problem with OBS Studio is when people try Capture a display And the entire preview window is either gray or black. Your output recording is nothing but a black video.

This can happen when you are trying to take a window capture or a display capture. This is most likely to happen on a laptop.

The reason for this is that laptops (especially gaming laptops) can have two gaming cards. One is mainly to render your desktop and windows, and only one in power saving mode. The second is for display use (like gaming).

This allows the laptop to disable more powerful graphics cards in power saving mode. The problem with this is that if you try to tell OBS to capture your display it can capture output from a passive graphics card. result? OBS black screen capture error.

To fix this:

1. Select Start Menu, type Adjustment, And choose the Settings app. In the Settings menu, select system.

2. Choose Display In the left menu, then scroll to the right pane Multiple displays Section and choose Graphics settings.

3. In the next window, make sure Choose an app to set preference is set to Desktop app, And then choose Browse.

4. Browse the OBS application, which should be in the path: C: Program Files obs-studio bin 64bit obs64.exe. Replace C: with your primary hard drive letter. Choose to link.

5. After adding OBS Studio to the list, you will see it on the Graphics Settings window. Choose the option Button.

6. You will see Graphics preference Window visible. Change setting in high performance, And choose Save.

Now you are ready to try to re-capture the window or display. Be sure to turn OBS Studio off and on again before trying again.

For most people, this one tip fixes most problems with the OBS black screen capture error.

You are trying to capture DRM web content

Another common mistake people make is to use OBS Studio to capture copyright-protected movies on apps such as the Netflix desktop app. Most content on Netflix and other streaming sites is protected by digital rights management (DRM) technology.

These protective measures will prevent screen capture apps such as OBS from recording that video stream.

If you select Window Capture and select the Netflix desktop app, OBS Studio will first appear to capture window content properly. However, once you press play and the movie starts, you will see that the video in the OBS Studio preview window only shows a black video.

This is a feature embedded in the Netflix app (or whatever streaming app you’re using). This is not a problem with OBS Studio, and there is nothing you can (or should) do to fix it.

You can launch the video stream from another app (such as playing it in the Chrome browser). OBS can record video from browser window Or that performance. However, you still should not do this because it is illegal to record DRM-protected content with OBS.

Disable hardware acceleration in chrome

Another very common problem people have is when they come across an OBS black screen capture error, when attempting to capture any window that uses hardware acceleration. If you have hardware acceleration enabled on Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser (or app) that uses it, OBS will show a black screen.

This is an issue that frustrates many OBS users, but you have at least one solution. You can disable hardware acceleration when trying to capture that browser window.

Disable hardware acceleration in chrome

To disable hardware acceleration in Chrome:

1. Select the three dots in the top right corner of the browser Menu, And choose Adjustment.

2. Scroll down system Section (select Advanced If you need to), and disable the toggle to the right Use hardware acceleration when available.

3. Choose Relaunch To restart the browser without hardware acceleration.

Disable hardware acceleration in firefox

To disable hardware acceleration in Firefox:

1. Select the menu in the upper right corner of the browser window and select the option.

2. Make sure Mango Is selected on the left menu. Scroll down to the Display section, and uncheck the box to the left of Use recommended display settings.

3. After deselecting this box, new settings will appear below it. Deselect the checkbox to the left of Use hardware acceleration when available.

Finally, restart Firefox to open it without hardware acceleration.

Disable windows 10 game mode

Another Windows 10 setting that can interrupt OBS screen video capture is Windows 10 Game Mode.

This mode can cause an OBS black screen capture error because it allocates the resources of all graphics cards to the current game you are playing. This draws resources away from OBS and can disrupt the video capture process.

This is especially a problem if live streaming is your overall goal. Show everyone the game you are currently playing.

To disable Windows 10 game mode:

1. Launch the Settings app, and choose Gambling.

2. Choose game mode From the left navigation menu, disable more toggles game mode on the right.

It might be a good idea to restart Windows and start live streaming or capture a video of yourself playing it before attempting to relaunch your game.

Use game capture instead of window capture

Another quick tip that can help optimize video capture of gaming windows to avoid OBS black screen capture error is using the game capture feature instead of windows or display capture.

OBS optimizes window capture specifically for gaming when you choose the game capture option.

To do this:

1. Select and select the plus icon under the source box in OBS. Game capture.

2. In the Create / Select Source window, rename the scene for game capture if you want, and then select Okay.

3. In the next window, use The mode Dropdown and select Capture specific windows.

4. in Window Dropdown, select the window that contains the title of the game you have launched and are playing.

You should see a preview of the game window in the small preview panel above. If everything feels good, just choose Okay To finish.

Try running OBS Studio as Administrator

Hopefully, one of the above improvements helped you solve the OBS black screen capture error. If it does not, then one final method that works for some users is simply Launching OBS application with administrative rights.

To do this, select the Start menu and type O bs. Right click OBS Studio (64 bit) Application and selection run as administrator.

Try to take your screen capture again and you will no longer see a black screen problem!