How to Fix a Discord Update Failed Loop

How to Fix a Discord Update Failed Loop:

The popular gaming communication device Discord is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes. You don’t have to try Alpha Discord Canary release To get some of this, because the Discord client will automatically update to provide you with the latest stable features and improvements.

However, if your Discord update failed for some reason, you will miss these new features and improvements. You may find yourself stuck in a Discord Update Fail Loop, where Discord simply cannot update and will not allow you to use the client until it is fixed. To help you fix such problems associated with Discord updates, here is what you need to do.

Check status of bickering service

A Discord update failed loop is not necessarily caused by a problem on your PC or Mac. If the Discord servers are experiencing issues, any possible update may fail on its own. To check if this is the case, you can check the service status of Discord by using the Discord website.

Maintains discord Special status website for Discord users To check the current status of the platform. Everything from the Discord API to local server issues is reported here, allowing you to find out if the update issue is local to your PC or whether Discord itself is at fault.

Discord status on website (Discord, You will see a 90-day history for each Discord service element, with each section representing one day. especially if API The section shows recent operational issues (for example, if today’s section is red or orange), you may need to wait before attempting to update your client again.

You can usually hover over the segment to see more information about the cause of any interruption. However, service-wide messages will also appear at the top of the page. There is not much you can do if Discord is down – just wait it out and try again later when the service is up and running again.

Run Discord as an administrator

If you are running Discord on Windows, you may need to run the Discord desktop client as an administrator if the client itself is not updating. If you want the Discord a. But you have to do it Local or guest user account Which lacks the necessary permissions to install or modify the software.

  1. Check that Discord is not currently running, either visible or in the background, before starting. You can see it using the task manager (Right-click on the start menu > Task Manager) Searching for Discord (or Discord. Exe) process. If so, right-click on the process and select end Task.
  1. To run Discord as an administrator, open the Start menu and find the Discord entry listed in it. Discord Inc. Folder. Right-click on the app, then select more > run as administrator.

Check your internet connection (and disable VPN or proxy)

While Discord itself should work virtual Private Network Or proxy connection is not guaranteed. Some VPN services block particular services, while Discord may block specific VPN IP ranges, which it believes may be disruptive. Common VPN services can be inadvertently blocked, preventing updates from working.

If you are not using a VPN or proxy connection, do not rule out a problem with your Internet connection directly that prevents Discord from downloading the necessary update files. One Intermittent internet connection Or a DNS outage For example, all can prevent Discord from working.

Go and test it yourself Bickering website And checking that you can use Discord’s services using the web interface. If Discord is working through the website, it is highly likely that the problem is not related to your connection.

Clear disk cache files

Discord Client saves specific files to hidden folders on your PC or Mac for later use. These cache files are necessary for Discord to function correctly, but if they become corrupted at any point, they can prevent critical services (such as Discord updates) from working correctly.

To solve this problem, you can delete these cache files by deleting Discord app data Folder (on Windows) or Discord Application support Folder (on Mac). Before trying these steps you need to make sure that Discord is not currently either visible or running in the background.

How to clear Discord Cache on Windows

  1. To get started, open File Explorer and select the navigation bar at the top of the menu. Type % appdata% discord In the navigation bar, then select Enter Key to switch folder.
  1. In Discord Search through the list to find the folder Cash, GPU cache, And Code cache Select folders using folders Ctrl Key, then right-click on the folders and select Remove To put them in the recycle bin.
  1. On your desktop, right-click recycle bin Choose more empty recycle Bin To clear it from the context menu. This will erase Discord cache files from your PC.
  1. Reopen the Discord client and allow any required files to be reproduced. You may need to sign back in at this point.

How to clear Discard cache files on Mac

  1. To clear the Discord cache on the Mac, open the Finder app and select go > Go to folder.
  1. In the Finder menu box, type ~ / Library / Application Support / Discord Choose more go.
  1. Choose Cash, GPU cache, And Code cache Folders in the Finder menu (select and hold Order Key to do so). Once selected, right-click on the files, then select move to Trash (move to Without bin In some localizations).
  1. After deleting, right-click the trash folder on the dock, then select then Empty the trash (or Empty bin) To remove them.
  1. Open the Discord client again to regenerate the files, then sign-in again with your Discord user details (if necessary).

Rename Discord Update Executable File

As its name suggests, Discord Executable file Responsible for updates (update.exe) Is solely responsible for keeping the Discord client updated on Windows PCs. If you are stuck in a Discord Update Fail Loop and want to bypass the problem quickly, you can rename this file to prevent Discord Updates from working.

However, it is not recommended as a long-term solution. Without an update, your Discord client will lack the latest features and bug fixes. Over time, your service may deteriorate, and the client itself may stop working completely as older versions have been stopped from use.

  1. To rename the update.exe file, open File Explorer and select the navigation bar at the top of the window. Type C: Users username AppData Local Discord (Change User name With your own Windows user folder) and select Enter On your keyboard.
  1. In Discord Folder, right-click Update.exe File and choose change name. Give the file a different name (for example, Update-old.exe) And choose Enter Key to confirm.

Remove and restore discord

In this way a Discord update failed loop can, by definition, continue indefinitely without resolving the root cause. If the steps above did not help you solve the problem with your Discord client on Windows or Mac, then you will need to remove and reinstall the client instead.

Re-installing Discord will provide you with the latest version of the stable release files, although you can also download the beta and canary release versions instead. This may fix the problem on its own, or you may be forced to repeat these steps regularly to ensure that you have the latest client files installed.

How to remove and restore Discord on Windows

  1. To reinstall Discord on Windows, right-click on the Start menu and select Adjustment.
  1. In Adjustment Menu, select Apps > Apps and features. Find and choose Discord option in the list, then select Uninstall > Uninstall.

Follow any additional on-screen instructions. After uninstalling, Download the latest Discord installation files, Then run the installer to complete the process.

How to Remove and Restore Discord on a Mac

  1. To remove the Discord client on a Mac, open the Finder app and select Applications, Then right-click on the Discord entry and select move to Trash (or Move to bin)
  1. You will later have to empty the trash folder by right-clicking on the trash icon on the dock and selecting Empty the trash or Empty bin.

once removed, Download latest discord mac installer Run the file, then follow any additional on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Next steps on discord

Failure of Discord update is one of the many possible Discord errors that can spoil your experience on the platform. Discord connection issues to do Fatal javascript error App crashing. If your Discord update has failed, the steps above will help you solve the problem, but you can always switch to it Discord Web Interface.

Discord is an excellent platform to make friends and play games, especially if you plan to use it. In-game overlay controversy. You can also Add color to discord messages To make your chat interesting or, if you want to create your own community, you can Create a discord server make To enjoy your friends and family.

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