How to Face Swap in Photoshop

How to Face Swap in Photoshop:

Facial swapping, no matter how silly it may seem, can be a great tool for photographers. If you find that someone, for example, had their eyes closed in every picture, then it is possible to correct the problem with a face swap. You can change a face from a better photo to a worse photo with the same face.

However, facial swapping is also common for comic effects, and can be done easily. Photoshop If you have a goal. And sometimes it can seem surprisingly real if done correctly. So read if you want to make some face swapping pictures.

How to counteract swaps with masks in Photoshop

There are a few different ways that you can swap faces, and one of them is by using mask layers in Photoshop. This makes it easier to switch face and looks like it fits on the rest of the person.

This method works best if the two photos you are using are the same. how to do this:

  1. Both of your photos are opened on different layers in Photoshop.
  1. Apply the photo with the face you want to use as the bottom layer, and the photo with the face you want to replace as the top layer.
  1. Align layers by going to Edit > Auto-align layers. Make sure the person you are editing in both photos aligns well.
  1. Add a white mask layer on top and set the opacity to 100%.
  1. Using the brush tool set to 100% opacity and black, paint on the face you want to swap. You should see the face you want to use to change the original face while brushing.

This method works well enough for a basic facial swap if you are not trying to go for too much detail or need to look too real. But, if you want something more realistic, you can also use object selection to get the job done.

How to deal with swap in photoshop with object selection

This method makes for very clean facial swapping, but it is also not difficult to do. You are just selecting the face you want to swap and move it to another photo. Follow these steps to swap like this:

  1. Open the image from the face you want to use.
  1. Choose the object selection tool and select the entire face. Save in Layer.
  1. Drag the face you want to use above the face you want to change. Make sure it feels natural by shaping the face and moving it until it fits well.
  1. You can see how well you are lining up the features by reducing the opacity of the layer until you can see the layer below. In this way elevate the facial lines, then you can adjust the opacity back.

This method would work best if both images have the same quality level and lighting. If you need to fix something else such as light or color, then there are some ways that you can fix these issues as well.

So that Face Swap Look Natural

If your face swap looks a bit distant and is showing that some work was done on the photo, you might want to try some ways to make facial swapping more natural. This will allow the changed face to look more like it was never replaced. Notice the difference in lighting and color When you are facing images.

As you can see in this image, the face is much brighter than the original photo instead of the original face.

There are a few different ways by which you can correct any kind of discrepancies. One of these is the Match Color feature. It can help you The mixture Different skin tone or other color issues.

How to use this feature:

  1. Select the image layer you want to change.
  1. Go for The image > Adjustment > match color.
  1. In the Match Color window, click on The source Select the dropdown box and the image you want to match the color to the target image.
  1. From here, you can use match color To change window Brightness, color intensity, And To fade. you can use The selection To convert the device to specific areas of the image. If you don’t want to color match only the selected area, you can turn it off Ignore selection when applying adjustment.
  1. You can check Neutral To remove a color change you have made in an area.

Apart from using match color, you can also use it The mixture Tools to seamlessly combine swapped faces with a new image. you can also use Auto-blend layers Select seamless tones and colors to correct some of the oddities between the options and the two faces.

Once the image looks good to you, make sure you save it so that you don’t lose anything.

Face swapping in photoshop

Whether you can make a natural-looking change to your photo or simply do a quick face swap to show your friends, it is easy to do in Photoshop by following this guide. As long as you have images that will work well in a face swap, you should not have an issue.