How to Create a YouTube Timestamp Link

How to Create a YouTube Timestamp Link:

if you are sharing Youtube video With friends, but you want to pinpoint a particular part of the video, you have to use the timestamp of the video. You can share the timestamp directly by telling the viewer to move the playback slider to another starting point, but this does unnecessary work for the viewer.

An easy way to share a YouTube video using a different starting point is to create a YouTube timestamp link. A timestamp link omits the beginning of your video, allowing viewers to automatically view the video from another starting point. If you want to know how to create a YouTube timestamp link, here is what you need to do.

How to Create a YouTube Timestamp Link on PC or Mac

The easiest way to create a shareable YouTube timestamp link is to use the YouTube website directly. Although there exist websites that help you generate YouTube timestamp links, they are not required.

Instead, you can use the steps below to create a YouTube link with your chosen timestamp and share it with other users.

These steps will work for all PC and Mac users as the YouTube website is platform independent. However, if you’re having problems, you should add to your . You may need to sign in to YouTube first using google account.

  1. To get started, open the YouTube website and find the video you want to share using the search bar, your membership list, or the video recommendations on the first page.
  1. Once you’ve opened the video you want to share, move the playback slider to the new starting point of the video. This is the position within the video where you want new viewers (using your shared link) to start playback.
  1. With the new timestamp status, you can create a new YouTube timestamp link by selecting share button just below the video.
  1. In share box, enable start over checkbox. If you want to change the start time, change the value next to the checkbox. When you’re ready, choose Copy Button to place the timestamp link in your clipboard.
  1. Alternatively, you can right-click the Video slider to position the new timestamp to create a new link instead. From the context menu, choose copy video URL at current time the option. This will copy the link to your clipboard.

Creating a manual timestamp link for a YouTube video

If you copy a YouTube link using the video’s sharing features from an alternate starting position, a timestamp parameter is added to the URL. YouTube loads the video from a different starting point and starts playback instead of the beginning of the video.

You can create these timestamp links without loading YouTube manually. You’ll need a YouTube video playback link to do this.

for example, Start one of the online tech tips’ YouTube videos from an alternate starting point. Take and add the URL of the video ?t=0 or &t=44s Parameters at the end of the URL, replace 0 The value with the new starting position (in seconds) to start playback.

parameter you use (either by using ? or And special characters) will depend on the YouTube URL you use. For example, if you are using the standard domain (eg,, you have to add &t= Adding a new starting point at the end of the URL, seconds later.

You can also use minutes and seconds for longer videos by using &t=XmYs parameter with domain instead, replace x with the number of minutes and U with the number of seconds.

However, YouTube also has a smaller domain (youtube) that you will see if you use the share function on the video to copy the video URL. For these domains, you need to add ?t= Instead of adding a new starting point to the end of the URL, seconds later.

For example, using the following URL will start playback of the video 43 seconds after the starting point on YouTube ?t= For short domains and &t= (or &t=XmYs) for the standard domain:

How to Create a YouTube Timestamp Link on Mobile Devices

Unfortunately, the YouTube mobile app for Android, iPhone and iPad users does not allow you to directly create a YouTube timestamp link. You must first copy the URL of the video using the YouTube app’s sharing features, then manually add the timestamp parameter using the steps outlined in the section above.

You must first make sure that the YouTube app is installed on your mobile device. You may also need to sign in using your Google Account.

  1. To start, open the YouTube app and search for the video you want to share using the search bar, your subscriptions, or in-app recommendations.
  1. Once you locate the video, identify the position in the video you want to use as your new starting point and note it down (in seconds). Once you are ready to copy the link, select share Click the button, then use your device’s built-in share menu to copy the URL.
  1. Along with the video URL in your mobile device’s clipboard, paste the URL in a new location so that you can edit it (for example, in your device note taking app or web browser). Using the steps in the above sections, add a timestamp to the URL (e.g.,
  1. With the video URL modified to include the new timestamp, select it and copy it to your clipboard. Then you can directly share it with others using your choice messaging app, Email client, or social network.

Using YouTube effectively

Creating a YouTube timestamp link lets you quickly pinpoint the parts of a video you want to share, saving you and others time. There are other ways you can use YouTube’s features more effectively, from Reducing YouTube data usage on mobile devices a. to be ad-free with YouTube Premium Membership.

you can also think Download Your YouTube Playlist For video playback on the go without risking your mobile data allowance, or you can consider Rip audio from YouTube videos (as long as you have permission). However, if YouTube isn’t for you, don’t forget that you can delete your youtube account post haste.

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