Anger Foot for Windows 2021 Free Download

Kick the doors and ass in this free FPS

Anger Foot is a free action video game where you get to kick down doors and bad guys. Developed by Robbie Fraser, Luc Wolthers, and Jason Sutherland for the “7dfps 2020” game, this indie single player game kicks and kicks with the beat of thrilling music. It’s a good short game, with only a few levels available, but you can keep trying to get high scores each time.

Talk to the foot

In Anger Foot, you play the way you see yourself – strangely armed with your right foot as a weapon at first. Level 1 consists of kicking down doors and poles to get them out and moving up to the top of the apartment from which you were evacuated. The level ends when you climb the stairs. You soon get a small gun at the beginning of Level 2 and now you can shoot enemies far away.

The controls are simple enough, for a quick tutorial: press E to kick and then click left to shoot. You will only get a few bullets to use your weapon one last time after you run out of ammo, just right click to drop your gun and fire one more goon. There are only two enemy types available: melee-type goons with spiked bats and goons-type goons using their guns.

The main goal here is to clear the levels very quickly – you can do without killing all the birds on each level. Standard designs consist of several rooms leading to a dead end or new rooms. It is difficult to find the stairs quickly enough because the maps get more labyrinthian. However, there are only five levels – and the last level is a bonus – and you can easily repeat them.

Doors can be dangerous

All in all, Anger Foot is a fast-paced FPS game that offers a violent but fun gameplay with short bursts. While it is short and does not actually cost you by completely clearing the standards, it is fun enough for anyone with a competitive edge. It can work well with some configurable settings, however, like letting you edit graphics to make the game work better on your device.


  • Frenetic kicking and shooting action
  • Stellar pumping soundtrack
  • You can weaponize both doors and your empty gun
  • 5 levels that scale in difficulty


  • No graphical settings
  • No satisfying rewards or achievement for clearing levels perfectly

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